Instrukcja montażu i instrukcja obsługi Epson Powerlite 1720

Instrukcja montażu i instrukcja obsługi Epson Powerlite 1720 to niezbędne narzędzia do obsługi i konfiguracji projektora Epson Powerlite 1720. Instrukcja montażu zawiera wskazówki dotyczące wyboru odpowiedniego miejsca do instalacji, podłączania zasilania i podłączania projektora do komputera. Instrukcja obsługi zawiera informacje dotyczące korzystania z projektora, takie jak konfigurowanie ustawień projektora, włączanie i wyłączanie projektora, regulowanie jasności i kontrastu obrazu oraz korzystanie z funkcji projektora. Instrukcje te są niezbędne, aby móc w pełni wykorzystać wszystkie funkcje projektora Epson Powerlite 1720.

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Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 1

PowerLite 1720/1730W
Multimedia Projector
User’s Guide

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Important Safety Information WARNING: Never look into the projector lens when the lamp is turned on; the bright light can damage your eyes. Never let children look into the lens when it is on. Never open any cover on the projector, except the lamp and filter covers. Dangerous electrical voltages inside the projector can severely injure you. Except as specifically explained in this User’s Guide, do not attempt to service this product yourself. Refer all servicing to qualified service personne
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- Contents Welcome...................................... 7 Using Your Documentation.......................... 8 Getting More Information........................ 8 Registration and Warranty........................... 9 Unpacking the Projector............................ 10 Additional Components......................... 11 Optional Ac
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 4
Using the Remote Control................... 27 2 Using the Remote Control.......................... 28 Replacing the Batteries.......................... 28 Controlling the Picture and Sound.................... 29 Switching Between Picture Sources................ 29 Turning Off the Picture and Sound................ 30 Stopping Action.......................
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 5
Fine-Tuning the Projector................... 49 4 Using the Menu System............................ 50 Restoring the Default Settings.................... 51 Adjusting the Image............................... 52 Six-Axis Color Adjustment....................... 53 Adjusting Signal Settings........................... 54 Customizing Projector Features..
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 6
Projector Installation........................ 89 A Technical Specifications..................... 91 B Notices....................................... 97 C Important Safety Instructions........................ 97 FCC Compliance Statement........................ 100 Index........................................ 101 6
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- Welcome ® The PowerLite 1720/1730W is an easy-to-use projector that weighs less than 4 pounds. The projector offers up to 3000 lumens of white and color light output (brightness). You can connect it to a wide range of computers and video sources. Easy setup, control, and security: ® ■ 6-second startup time and Instant Off feature for fast setup and shut down ■ Automatic digital keystone correction ■ 1. 2x optical zoom lens for flexible placement and positioning ■ Security features including
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 8
Using Your Documentation This electronic User’s Guide provides detailed instructions on using your projector. Please follow these guidelines as you read through this manual: ■ Warnings must be followed carefully to avoid bodily injury. ■ Cautions must be observed to avoid damage to your equipment. ■ Notes contain important information about your projector. ■ Tips contain additional projection hints. Getting More Information Need tips on giving presentations? Quick steps for setting up your pr
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 9
as well as Presenters Services to use on the road. Even more resources and services are available if you register to join the Presenters Club—and it’s free. Registration and Warranty Your projector comes with a warranty that lets you project with confidence. For details, see the warranty statement included with your projector. SM In addition, Epson offers free Extra Care Road Service. In the unlikely event of an equipment failure, you won’t have to wait for your unit to be repaired. Ins
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Unpacking the Projector After unpacking the projector, make sure you have all the parts shown below: PDF manual and Remote control and registration CD-ROM 2 AA batteries Projector Audio adapter Security sticker Carrying case Power cable VGA computer cable USB cable Save all packaging in case you need to ship the projector. Always use the original packaging (or the equivalent) when you need to send the projector to another location. If you are moving the projector by hand, use the carrying
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Additional Components Depending on how you plan to use the projector, you may need additional components: ■ To receive an S-video signal, you’ll need an S-video cable. One may be provided with your video equipment, or you can purchase one from Epson; see below. ■ To receive a component video signal from a VCR or other video device, you’ll need an component-to-VGA video cable. You can purchase one from Epson; see below. Welcome 11
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 12
Optional Accessories To enhance your use of the projector, Epson provides the following optional accessories: Product Part number Replacement lamp V13H010L48 Air filter replacement set (2 filters) V13H134A19 Wheeled soft case ELPKS62 Soft shoulder case for projector and laptop ELPKS61 ATA molded hardshell case ELPKS58 ® SwissGear backpack ELPKS63 Universal projector ceiling mount ELPMBPJF Adjustable suspended ceiling channel kit ELPMBP01 Suspended false ceiling plate kit ELPMBP02 Structural r
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 13
1 Displaying and Adjusting the Image Whether you’re presenting from a computer or video equipment, you need to follow some basic steps to display your image on the screen. Follow the guidelines in this chapter for: ■ Positioning the projector ■ Turning the projector on and off ■ Selecting the image source ■ Troubleshooting display problems ■ Adjusting the image 13
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 14
Positioning the Projector note You can mount the projector If the projector isn’t already installed in the room you’re using, you’ll on the ceiling, or place it probably want to place it on a table in front of the screen. This lets behind a translucent screen for rear projection. See you stand in the front of the room, face the audience, and remain page 89 for details. close enough to the equipment to be able to control it. Try to leave as much space as possible between the projector and
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Ideally, you should place the projector directly in front of the center of note the screen, facing it toward the screen squarely. The base of the lens After positioning the should be at about the level of the bottom of the screen. projector, you may want to connect a Kensington ® MicroSaver anti-theft device to the lock port on the projector. You can purchase this from Epson; see page 12. Projector Screen If you place the projector below screen level, you’ll have to tilt it up by ext
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Turning On the Projector note You can set the projector to Follow these steps to turn on the projector: automatically turn off the 1. Open the A/V Mute slide (lens cover). lamp and enter “sleep mode” when it has not received any signals or the A/V Mute slide remains closed for a period of time. This conserves electricity, cools the projector, and extends the life of the lamp. To enable sleep mode, see page 64. 2. Plug one end of the power cable into the projector, and the other end
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3. Press the red PPower button on the remote control or on top of the projector. warning The projector beeps once and the PPower light flashes green as Never look into the lens the projector warms up, then an image begins to appear. When when the lamp is on. This the PPower light stops flashing and remains green, the projector can damage your eyes, and is is ready for use. especially dangerous for children. 4. If you are prompted to enter a password, see page 58. Using the Direct Power
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Shutting Down the Projector This projector incorporates Instant Off technology. To turn it off, you can press its PPower button as described below, unplug it, or turn note off a power switch that supplies power to the projector. You don’t Lamp life results will vary have to wait for the projector to cool off first. depending on mode selected, environmental conditions, 1. To turn off the projector, press the and usage. PPower button on the remote control or projector. Turn off this produ
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You can also use the Source buttons on the remote control to switch between devices connected to the ports identified on each button. (The EasyMP button does not work with the PowerLite 1720/1730W. ) Troubleshooting Display Problems Follow these guidelines if you’re having trouble displaying an image. You Can’t Project an Image If you don’t see the image you are trying to project, try the following: ■ Make sure the cables are connected correctly, as described beginning on page 39. ■ Make s
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The Projector and Notebook Don’t Display the Same Image If you’re projecting from a notebook, and you can’t see your image on the projection screen and on your computer at the same time, follow these guidelines. If you’re using a PC notebook: ■ On most systems, there’s a function key that lets you toggle between the LCD screen and the projector, or display on both at the same time. It may be labeled CRT/LCD or have an icon such as. You may have to hold down the Fn key while pressing it.

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Instrukcja obsługi Epson PowerLite 1720

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Pliki do pobrania

Pliki do pobrania

Oprogramowanie sprzętowe

Firmware Updater LinkBy following this updater link, you will be directed on a page where you will have access to the latest firmware file and a list of the changes. Please update the Firmware using one of the following method: - USB-A port Firmware update (Manual available in the manual section) - USB-B port Firmware update (Manual available in the manual section)


Inne oprogramowanieEpson Projector Management (v5. 43)wer. 5. 43


92. 80 MB

. exe

Dodatkowe informacje:

The Epson Projector Management software allows to check the status of multiple networked projectors and perform various projector operations remotely from your computer like:
• Monitoring projectors status (power status, errors…)
• Controlling the projectors (turn on or off, input sources change, schedule various projector events)
• Updating the projector firmware
• Copying the projector menu settings
• Sending email notification when a problem occurs

This latest version includes
- Usability improvements

PobierzThrow Distance Simulator - Offline (v2. 2. 2)wer. 2


75. 82 MB

. zip

Dodatkowe informacje:

Throw Distance Simulator is an application for calculating the throw distance between screen and the EPSON projector.

USB Display installer (v1. 80)wer. 1. 80


6. 23 MB

Throw Distance SimulatorDodatkowe informacje:

Throw Distance Simulator is a web application for calculating the throw distance between screen and the EPSON projector. Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Instrukcja montażu i instrukcja obsługi Epson Powerlite 1720

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